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Nothern Chios and Kardamyla

Kardamyla is know for their long maritime tradition. It is the largest village of northeast Chios. It is built in a privileged location extending from the side of the mountain to the sea. The older village is Ano Kardamyla, at the upper zone of the village, especially the neighbourhood of Spilia, where you can see the characteristics of local architecture: cube shape two storey stone houses, in narrow arched alleys. Kato Kardamyla or Marmaro is the seaside part of the village. 

Towards Kardamyla in north east Chios, Giosonas and Nagos beach are definitely worth a visit. Here the trees from the mountain often reach the sea. Nagos is one of the most beautiful beaches of northern Chios, a small bay with tiny pebbles and deep, crystal clear waters. There is a cafe and restaurant in the area.

Giosonas is a long beach with impressive white pebbels. Although open to the north wind, it is very popular. There is a beach bar there, offering sunbeds and umbrellas. Fans of windsurfing love it as well as people who enjoy snorkelling, because of the clarity of the waters and the impressive sea bottom. A visit to northeast Chios should also include a visit to Kardamyla village and further north to the smaller villages of Pelinnaio area (Amades, Viki, Kampia), where you can explore virgin seasides.

In northwest Chios, in the area of Amani, there is a variety of beaches. The landscape, here, in the northwest beaches, is totally different than the rest of the island. Limnos, Lefkathia, Lampsa are beaches with sand and small pebbles. At Lefkathia and Limnos, and Gonia at Managros, there are amenities such as beach bars, cafes, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Managros is the longest beach on Chios island. Sandy and impressive, part of the Natura area with interesting flora and fauna, it also offers several spots with natural shade. From the northwest beaches, you can enjoy wonderful sunsets.

From the northwest beaches you can see the historic islet of Psara, where you can also find a lot of beautiful sand seaside. You have to definitely visit them. If you carry on further north, you can explore virgin seasides with crystal clear waters such as Ezousa, Agios Georgios and Agiasmata, and other bays of exquisite natural beauty.

A visit at the church of St. Nicholas, at Marmaro, which has an impressive marble iconostasis. Admire the work of sculptor Thanassis Apartis dedicated to the Seamen of Kardamyla, a tribute to the maritime tradition and generations of mariners of Kardamyla village. Take photos at the picturesque traditional windmills at the promenade, a landmark of the village.

At Ano Kardamyla enjoy coffee or local dishes at the stone square with the plane trees. Go swimming at the popular beaches of Nagos and Giosonas.

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