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About Us

Pinolia Rooms

Nestled in one of the most upcoming and fascinating landscapes of the Aegean, in the majestic island of Chios, Pinolia Rooms and Suites guarantee tranquil and comfortable vacation in the context of warm Greek hospitality. Named after the pine nut, Pinolia is resided within pine trees.

Architecturally combining authentic islandic and modern elements, following the principles of the environmental friendly design,  provide luxury accommodation facilities. Ideally situated a stone’s throw away from the port, lying a breath away from the vivid centre of the Chios Pinolia Rooms and Suites offer outstanding sea, and garden views, easy access to the market, restaurants and the beaches of the island.

Pine nuts have been eaten in Europe and Asia since the Paleolithic period. They are frequently added to meat, fish, salads, and vegetable dishes or baked into bread. 
In Italian, they are called pinoli  and are an essential component of Italian pesto sauce; the upsurge in the popularity of this sauce since the 1990s has increased the visibility of the nut in America. Torta della nonna (literally "granny's cake") is a generic Italian dish name that in most families indicates an old family recipe for any cake but often is used for a tart or a pie filled with custard, topped with pine nuts and optionally dusted with icing sugar. 

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